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Things “can and will” Happen.

I was at church last night and the most unexpected thing in my entire life happened,one of my friends had been struck by an unthinkable disease, he had neck spasms.When I first heard of this (witch was a few weeks ago) I had thought nothing of it. Then last night the unthinkable happened, he was clutching his brother like he was the only thing he had left. His head was slouched backward and a long strand of drool was stretched along his cheek. After a few hours of prayer the most amazing thing had happened, he stood up on his feet he struggled every step of the way to the stage. and he said with heart breaking stutters, “I stand here today in front of all of you facing a struggle in life. But while you were all praying over me i kept telling myself, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I WILL NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOU GOD!!! And I stand in front of all of you to tell you all one thing in the name of god I am healed. and even know it may not feel like it I am.” The bravery that he showed was incredible and inspiring


Almost there, almost there. Flying through the air nauseous as can be.

To think the thought that I had sought was, “inconvenient”? 

To the new location that my dieing elder is to be brought through care flyght.

For she did not know God. She says look, to hell with you and this book. The book

 had burst into flames when it touched the dirt. It had caught her feet and in to

 flames she went. 

So here we are in this, “inconvenience”.   

Anonymous said: Drip Drop is the most amazing thing i've ever read! at first i was like what? but at the end it just left me thinking. That is metaphorically exactly how all my relationships end. Thank you for writing this and PLEASE write on.

I had just gotten out of a relationship at that time so I was really just typing from the hart  

Drip Drop

Drip drop go’s the rain,

the sound, excruciating like the pain in my hart.

So she left me in the rain why do i feel like this?

She was only one girl who i now regret feeling for,


Just    one    girl?

Padded room

Moms STILL crying, and dads STILL yelling, but I still sit in this padded room the one that THEY now regret sending me to. But it was THEIR fault not mine. He said I can’t, she said I can. but NEITHER ONE said do or don’t. they JUST said should or shouldn’t. I did wrong in THEIR eyes, THEY never told me not to, THEY just said you shouldn’t. But then agian… here I still sit, in this padded room.

                                                             Don’t think me as PSYCHODIC.

                                                                                     Luke Martin